Featuring the new RBPI´s Board Members – Arlene Beth Tickner and Detlef Nolte

We´re pleased to introduce the new member of RBPI´s Editorial Board, Arlene Beth Tickner and Detlef Nolte:
ARLENE-TICKNER-2Arlene Beth Tickner is full professor of International Relations at the Departament of International Relations of the Universidad del Rosário, Colombia. She is a former professor of Inernational Relations at the Universidad de los Andes (2004-2016). Arlene received her Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of Miami in 2000, and she holds a M.A.in  Latin American Studies from the Georgetown University (1990).
nolte_duplexDetlef Nolte is the Vice Presidente of the GIGA – Institute of Global and Area Studies Institute. He is the director of Latin American Studies and the editor of GIGA Focus Latin America. He holds a MA in Political Science, German Literature, History (University of Mannheim) and received his Ph.D. in Political Science (University of Mannheim); Habilitation, Political Science (University of Hamburg). Detlef is the Co-editor of a newly launched book series on Global Economy and International Cooperation (“Weltwirtschaft und Internationale Zusammenarbeit”) with the NOMOS publishing company.
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